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Paragon Coin Review

Is paragon coin legit?

Paragon is a Cannabis coin, founded by its CEO Jessica Versteeg and a bunch of other intellectual and experienced individuals. When she started Paragon, or PRG as its most commonly known as, her intention was to revolutionize the Cannabis industry. She introduced this blockchain startup to create seamless transactions of cannabis from suppliers to final consumers. Paragon aims to allow everybody to freely produce, sell and use cannabis legitimately while providing solutions for the ever-increasing problems of the industry. One can track the supply chain as well as the payments system as conveniently as eating an apple. Paragon has saved millions from asymmetric information. It lets you know about a cannabis product: from where it was sown to where it is being consumed. It’s everything what people wanted to know a few years or a decade ago but didn’t have access to nevertheless today they have everything on their fingertips. Versteeg, a former model, was doubted for her capabilities as Paragon’s CEO however she’s been taking the world by storm ever since the start of Paragon. Her vision of a better operating and a hassle-free cannabis industry has led her to turn stones and benefit the community at large. Negative reviews have floated on the internet about the Paragon coins which have deterred many to buy them. But in reality, the price of these coins has been increasing continuously and those who’d turned deaf to the negative reviews and followed their instincts have seen profits from their investment in the Paragon coins. Paragon coin is rolling out its first Paragon Space in Los Angeles in 2018. It would also be launching its mobile interface. Paragon has been in expanding its developer teams with new recruitments recently, this will enhance their technological enablement. If I’m not wrong, Paragon coins’ future is going to be record breaking with sky rocketing prices and fame around the globe. The efforts with which Paragon’s team has been working time and time and going to Blockchain conferences and events across the globe, would reflect in the prices of the coins and it’s the most anticipated market of 2018.

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 7 reviews
by Ivan Kahn on Paragon Coin
Made 2x with PRG

I bought this coin first time in early December for $0.23 and Sold for 80 cents in Late Dec. The next wa I bought it back at 24 cents Today and I'm up for HODLing it for long for massive profits

by Erick carper on Paragon Coin

The team is tremendous and putting lots of effort behind the stage! Amazing work try reading the white paper!

by Paul adam on Paragon Coin
Cannabis Market

It’s important for me to know what I’m purchasing is legal or not! Prg is sure working in safe channels of bringing in Cannabis really apperciate the work!

by Darel sami on Paragon Coin
Go green

Amazing project legal cannabis is an innovative approach and we should support the effort behind and the Blockchain it self.

by Robbie Den on Paragon Coin
Best thing so far

Where there are orher innovations and inventions going on PRG stands for much needed “ legality of Cannabis market “ and also a witsle blower for us to keep an eye on our cannabis that where it is coming from and what channels.

by M Ali on Paragon Coin

Great investment of 2018

by Mark David on Paragon Coin

Best team ever